Graduate Scholarship

The International Doorway Graduate Scholarship Program guarantees scholarship offers from regionally accredited universities for International Students thereby making education affordable in the USA.
If you are a college graduate seeking ESL courses and/or a graduate degree then this program is for you!
Our scholarships include the cost of tuition, accommodation, and meals on campus.

In addition, IDEA’s expert university admission team will be there to guide you through the application, admission, and student visa process as we make your university dreams become reality.

International Doorway has 20 years of experience placing over 15,000 students through scholarship opportunities within our extensive network of partner universities.

If you want to study in the USA, our Graduate Scholarship Program is designed specifically for you!

At IDEA you will find the most friendly and professional level of service.
Our staff is comprised of US graduates and educational experts that can help you every step of the way toward the scholarship that best fits your personal goals.

Our Graduate program is straight forward; if students don’t receive scholarship offers IDEA refunds 100% of Program expenses and most importantly the financial support that you receive does not need to be paid back.
One clear benefit to our Graduate Program is very simple: You save on the cost of tuition, accommodation, and meals without any further obligation.

Graduate Degrees

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  • The IDEA Graduate Scholarship Program includes

    Scholarship offer guaranteed for under $20,000 including cost of tuition, accommodation, and meals to make the cost of graduate studies affordable in the USA

    Accredited universities to choose from

    Guaranteed admission though IDEA’s expert guidance in the application, admission, and visa process

    Housing and meal plans at your selected University

    Open communication with IDEA staff to reply in real time to all of your questions

    20 years of documented successful professional experience with Colleges & Universities in the USA


  • English is
    NOT a requirement

    If you are not fluent in English you are welcome to participate in our program. Participants who do not have the required English level to begin studies receive scholarship offers that include intensive English courses called English as a Second Language (ESL).

  • This is
    My FUTURE!

    Allow us to put our experience and long-term university relationships to work for you.

    International Doorway guarantees access to an Education in the USA.
    Take advantage of the support of IDEA’s admission staff that can help secure affordable college admission that you will not find anywhere else.

    To recieve additional Information please Contact Us

  • Frequently asked questions

    International Doorway has been working with international students and American schools for over 14 years-that is more than a decade of experience in helping students find the best placement for their budget and career goals.

    The other benefit to having placed thousands of students from over 40 countries is that we have developed strong, long term relationships within the US University system-and that means more scholarship and better services for you!
    The most important influence on receiving your Scholarship Report and I-20 is YOU.

    When you complete the International Doorway application we will begin working immediately on your Scholarship Report and will have your report ready within 30 days, but because of our close relationships with partnering universities we can often have your Report ready in less time as long as you provide the documentation required for study in the US.

    Don’t worry, we know it sounds like a complicated process, but our staff will walk you through the process—we have been doing this for a long time.
    Absolutely! One of our most successful programs is ESL (English as a second language) placement.

    All of our programs offer an ESL option where you will be able to access some of the best ESL programs in the world with our IDEA scholarship—and the best news is that we offer ESL placement at no extra cost to you so that when your English has reached an acceptable lever you can enrol in your university of choice.
    After you have chosen your destination based on the scholarships on your Report you will need to obtain the F-1 student visa to travel to your new university.

    International Doorway’s Staff will assist you in the process of obtaining all the necessary documentation to be presented to the institution and be admitted.

    Each school will then evaluate your documentation and issue the I-20 and you must personally present this form at the American embassy in your home country in order to obtain the student visa.
    As soon as you make a decision from your Scholarship Report we will be working immediately to finalize your placement for either fall (August) or spring (January) semesters.
    Yes. Your previous academic work will be evaluated by the university that you choose to determine its equivalency within the American system.
    Yes, your student Visa will allow you to work on campus and it is also a way to make your education more affordable. Keep in mind that International Doorway cannot promise work opportunities for ALL of our participants because each university has its own rules and availability regarding campus employment.

    Some IDEA scholarship packages will include work opportunities that we have prearranged for our students and these opportunities will be noted in your Scholarship Report.

    Students may work as long as they follow the regulations imposed by the U.S. government with regards to international students.

    Currently, international students may legally work up to 20 hours per week on campus.
    IDEA offers open admission which means that we accept students all through the year.

    You may start your journey in one of two ways.

    You can contact the International Doorway Representative in your country or you can contact us online to receive instructions on the next steps to follow.
    The United States is the premiere destination for international students from all over the world.

    According to the Institute of International Education the number of international students attending American colleges and universities is over 690,000. These students come from nations on every continent knowing that an American liberal arts education will provide them with the best preparation for their future.

    The USA offers international students the most exciting, rewarding, and comprehensive assortment of academic and cultural options in the world. More information in the Scholarship Description section.