This form helps International Doorway identify any potential issues and tries to address them, if necessary, to facilitate a positive transition into American college life. Ideally, all aspects related to the individual’s development in a foreign country will be address. General Objectives: Learn more about the student profile; check that the student does not show signs of extreme stress or conflict that may surface during his/her stay in the USA. Try to identify potential issues in order to address them before the student arrives to the university. Inquire if the student is aware of the responsibilities that come with the decision he/she is making. Some examples would be: professional career impact, changes related to life in a different culture, dealing with homesickness, making new friends, and others. Provide honest and positive feedback to the student and encourage them in regards to the cultural changes the student is about to encounter.

Mark with an X all options that apply to you

Academic Status:

The academic ranking of the last institution you attended is perceived as:

Your performance expectations in the USA are:

Regarding your academic major at US College:

Competition is considered a factor for:


Travel abroad

If yes, your trips have been with:

Have you been away from your parents for more than 15 days?

Being away makes you feel

What are your concerns regarding attending college in the US?



I- IDEA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHP PROGRAM: THE PARTICIPANT wishes to obtain scholarship offers to pursue an education or to improve English proficiency through ESL courses at a college in the United States. IDEA has relationships and signed working agreements with colleges and universities in the US with the purpose of obtaining scholarships on behalf of international students such as the participant.

II- IDEA ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM COST: total cost of USD 2,500 (two Thousand five hundred American Dollars) includes counseling interviews, evaluation of student records, processing and developing student profile, assistance in application, admission process and obtaining I-20 document, and IDEA representation in obtaining the scholarship offers.

III- SCHOLARSHIP OFFERS: IDEA is committed to obtain a minimum of five (5) scholarship offers on behalf of the participant with funds originated from academic, athletic, and/or work & study as follows:

  • Two (2) Scholarship offers with a value to be paid by THE PARTICIPANT equal to or less than USD $13,500 (thirteen thousand five hundred American Dollars) per academic year including housing, meals, and studies.
  • Two (2) Scholarship offers with a value to be paid by THE PARTICIPANT equal to or less than USD $15,500 (Fifteen thousand five hundred American Dollars) per academic year including housing, meals, and studies.
  • One (1) Scholarship offer with a value to be paid by THE PARTICIPANT equal to or less than 50% of the total university cost per academic year including housing, meals, and studies.
Based on the participant’s English knowledge, scholarships will apply towards ESL studies and to the most similar academic majors indicated in the IDEA Admission Form.

IV- ZERO FINANCIAL RISK POLICY - REFUND: If IDEA is unable to obtain the scholarship offers described above, IDEA will refund all amounts paid by the participant and this contract will be terminated without any responsibility for any of the parties.

V- IDEA SCHOLARSHIP REPORT: All scholarship offers received on behalf of the participant will be notified via e-mail through the “IDEA Scholarship Report” within 7 days after payment is credited into IDEA account

VI- IDEA SCHOLARSHIP ACCEPTANCE FORM: the participant must email IDEA the complete “Scholarship Acceptance Form” indicating the college/university selection

VII- COLLEGE ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS: the participant must provide IDEA with all documents listed in Appendix A and must meet the institution’s admission requirements

VIII- PASSPORT AND VISA: the participant is responsible for obtaining a passport and/or all other necessary documentation to exit their country of origin and enter the United States of America

IX- ADMISSION RIGHTS: If IDEA determines to terminate this contract, IDEA will refund 100% of any amounts already paid by the participant, without any other responsibility.

X- ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF UNDERSTANDING: Participant and Parent/Guardian have read this agreement and agree to participate as they fully understand the terms. In signing this Agreement each acknowledges that he/she is consenting to the Participant’s participation in the IDEA Academic program. Participant and Parent/Guardian acknowledge that they are signing the agreement freely and voluntarily, and intend their signatures to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.

APPENDIX A - Documents to be presented by THE PARTICIPANT:

  1. Why do I feel I deserve a scholarship?
  2. What are my objectives in the USA?
  3. What are my plans after completing my education?

If transferring college or university courses: College transcript of courses taken and passed, translated into English (class programs may be requested). Once the amount of scholarship is established: Present proof of financial means (bank statement of similar) to study in the USA for one academic year. This document is necessary for obtaining the F1 student’s VISA.


Credit Card payment confirmation is sent by e-mail after payment has been processed.

(Credit card charges cannot be processed without signature and expiration date.)

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