As an administrator in the American higher education system we understand the many challenges and needs that present themselves to you in the area of international student recruitment.

International Doorway remains unique in that we are based here in the US and have been since 1997.

We work hard to create the best experience and service for both our students and our educational partners.

By partnering with IDEA you will be able to benefit from our years of experience and commitment to quality. One such benefit is our Admissions Department.

We have developed an Admission office based on the US model that works to prepare our students and their documents before your staff ever has to lift a finger.

Our hope is that through this and other similar efforts we will be able to handle most of the challenges presented by international applicants thus creating a smooth transition for everyone involved.

Our academic program has been helping colleges and universities increase their enrollment and diversity for years.

We have been successful in establishing new ESL Programas as well so please ask us how you can jump start your program through International Doorway.

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The IDEA annual Athletic Showcase is the perfect opportunity for you to build your program.

We offer male and female athletes the opportunity to showcase their abilities on two consecutive weekends in the following sports: Soccer, Golf, Tennis and Basketball.

Whether you are in need of a large number of athletes or just searching for the right player in a specific position our Athletic Showcase is for you.

Coaches participating in the showcase will receive complementary room and board for the duration of their stay along with travel assistance for those who register in advance.

You will stay right on the campus which gives you the opportunity to get to know our athletes as well as observe them on and off the field.

We also provide profiles for each athlete helping you negotiate through the field of participants and we test for English proficiency to make sure that you have up to date estimates of each participant’s command of the language.

We look forward to welcoming you at our 20th annual Athletic Showcase being held in beautiful Daytona Beach on the campus of Embry-Riddle University. Please contact us for additional information. To recieve additional Information please Contact Us