Scholarship Description

International Doorway scholarships apply to your selected area of study.
Every International Doorway Scholarship Report includes multiple universities that have been matched with each student’s profile and include cost of education, housing and meals on campus.

  • Education or Tuition

    This includes the educational costs associated with each class credit as you work toward completing your degree.

  • Room or Housing

    Includes living arrangements on or near the campus-this charge will furnish you with a bed, bathroom and use of the campus facilities available at each location.

  • Meals or Board

    This refers to your meal plan in the campus dining facility and will list the number of meals that you have purchased for each week.

  • International Doorway Scholarship

    Refers to the total or partial costs associated with your classes, housing and meals and is included in the scholarship report. We make sure that the offers are in accordance with the objectives you established with your International Doorway Representative.