Athletic Scholarship

International Doorway’s Athletic Showcase guarantees scholarship offers for International Students to study in the US.
Male and female soccer, basketball, golf and tennis players showcase their talents in front of 100 (+) US college coaches.

Students 16 to 26 years of age receive scholarship offers to start or continue their undergraduate studies in the US.
Speak to university admissions representatives at the dedicated college fair.
In addition, IDEA’s expert college recruitment team is there to coach participants on how to make their university dreams become reality.
International Doorway has 20 years of experience, placing over 15,000 students with scholarship offers within our extensive network of partner universities. If you want to study in the US, our Showcase is designed specifically for you!

At the Athletic Showcase, participants will find the most friendly and professional level of service, diversity of players, and the highest number of college coaches. Our Showcase is straight forward; if students don’t receive scholarship offers IDEA refunds 100% of Program expenses. All college coaches are introduced face-to-face to players and are visible during every match. They are prepared with full roster descriptions, looking specifically for players that can make an impact on their teams.

In other words, they will know you!

  • The IDEA Athletic Scholarship Program includes

    Scholarship offers guarantee for under $13,500 including cost of tuition, accommodation and meals to make cost of Education in the US affordable
    100+ college coaches and admission representatives, NCAA DI, NCAA DII, NCAA DIII, NAIA, NJCAA
    20 (+) Universities are represented at our dedicated College Fair, where participants can interact with interested admissions representatives
    FC Dallas MLS coaching staff scouting soccer players.
    All games are coached by college coaches. 250 (+) international athletes from 45 (+) countries.
    An experience using high quality housing, an outstanding university meal plan, and state of the art facilities at Florida International University
    Scheduled pick up and drop off at Orlando International Airport
    Soccer Uniforms, two jerseys, shorts and socks
    An emergency Medical team on site 24/7 plus the best Florida Ranked hospital next to campus
    Presentations by college admission staff to highlight key admissions and recruiting tips and techniques
    20 years of documented successful professional experience with Colleges & Universities in the US

  • English is
    NOT a requirement

    If you are not fluent in English you are welcome to participate in our program. Participants who do not have the required English level to begin studies receive scholarship offers that include intensive English courses called English as a Second Language (ESL).

  • This is
    My FUTURE!

    Allow us to put our experience and long-term university relationships to work for you.

    International Doorway guarantees access to an Education in the US and the opportunity to meet face-to-face with multiple coaches, who are in need of players. Have the support of International Doorway’s dedicated admission staff, can help secure solid college admission options you will not find elsewhere.

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